TrueAC™ module systems powered by SolarBridge microinverters are your ticket to customer satisfaction and immediate business growth.

How does TrueAC give installers an advantage? By delivering an easy, plug-and-play solution to boost your bottom line.


1. Pantheon II Microinverter

At the heart of the SolarBridge TrueAC system, Pantheon microinverters convert the sun’s energy to grid-ready AC power. SolarBridge microinverters are built to withstand the harsh rooftop environment that solar modules face and are backed by a full 25-year warranty.

2. Solarbridge Power Portal

A Web-based management system, the SolarBridge Power Portal enables system owners and installers to monitor performance 24/7. Homeowners can use the Power Portal to keep tabs on output and track the real-time value of that energy, while installers can monitor their entire fleet of TrueAC systems, down to each individual module.

3. Solarbridge Power Manager

The communications hub for the solar array, the SolarBridge Power Manager constantly updates the Power Portal on the performance of every module. All communications take place with the AC modules over AC wiring – additional data cabling not required.




  • TrueAC systems install quickly and easily, meaning you can improve your team’s efficiency and install more systems in less time.
  • Built-in grounding and neatly-managed AC cables replace DC components/wiring to reduce balance of system (BOS) costs.

Customer Satisfaction

  • See all your systems through a single web-based interface; diagnose issues quickly by drilling down to individual modules; save on operations and maintenance (O&M) costs.
  • Constant on-site monitoring notifies you of any performance issues, minimizing system downtime.

Optimal Performance

  • Module-level Power Point Tracking (MPPT) at the module level enables each TrueAC module to produce its own maximum power.
  • TrueAC systems produce up to 25% more energy than DC systems, even in shaded conditions, meaning you can qualify more sites for solar.
  • TrueAC systems are rigorously tested beyond inverter standards and are certified to both UL 1741 and UL 1703 as a complete AC module assembly.

Reliability X 25 Years

  • Only SolarBridge offers an integrated microinverter backed by the same 25-year warranty as a solar module.
  • Pantheon microinverters are free of electrolytic capacitors and other failure-prone components.

Enhanced Safety

  • Safe, reliable module system gives your customers peace-of-mind.
  • No exposed DC wiring on roofs or in buildings eliminates arc fault risks.
  • Pantheon microinverters feature automatic-shut off in the event of a fire.

Speed Test

To see just how much faster installation is with SolarBridge, check out our timelapse comparison of AC module installation versus detached microinverters.

What Do Solar Professionals Say About TrueAC?


"On paper, it sounded ridiculously simple—select a site, mount the array, connect the modules with the supplied cables, use appropriate disconnects, install a production meter, connect to the subpanel, and flip the switch. In real life, it was essentially that simple!"

Larry Keogh

Oasis Montana


"We have been using SolarBridge exclusively for over a year now. It has got to be simply the best product we have ever worked with. The system is so simple and so fast to install. It offers safer, higher, and more reliable output than any DC system can offer."

Jason Gideon

President of Energy Consultants Group


"The AC solar panel solution was an ideal fit to deliver maximum system production and efficiency for the Harvard project."

Scott Howe

Solect Energy Systems

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